GUN MAYHEM 2 EZ Unblocked!

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Player 1 Controls ## Arrow keys = move # Z = primary weapon # X = secondary weapon # Player 2 Controls ## WASD = move # T = primary wapon # Y = secondary weapon # Player 3 Controls ## Num pad /789 = move # Num pad * = primary weapon # Num pad - = secondary weapon # Player 4 Controls ## Num pad 5123 = move # Num pad 0 = primary weapon # Num pad . = secondary weapon #


Short description of the game from our Editors:

Get ready for an explosive gaming experience with Gun Mayhem 2, the much-anticipated sequel to the adrenaline-pumping original! Brace yourself for intensified chaos and showdowns as you battle powerful foes through a barrage of bullets and strategically placed dynamite explosions.

Dive into the action with a variety of game modes, including a gripping single-player campaign, customizable challenges, and nail-biting custom games. Your journey to dominance begins with the customization of your character's appearance, color, and loadout, ensuring a personalized touch to your gaming avatar. Adjust everything from shirts and hats to faces, perks, and weapons.

The objective is straightforward – knock your adversaries off the stage and keep them from making a triumphant return. Employ your shooting skills to push opponents off the platform, while mastering jumps and double jumps to avoid being tossed yourself. The game's brisk pace demands quick reflexes for a shot at victory.

Arm yourself with an array of weapons, from pistols and machine guns to explosives like TNT and grenades. The battleground is set – are you prepared to claim the title of Gun Mayhem 2 champion? It's time to blast your way to glory!

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