RUN 3 EZ Unblocked!

Game Category:

100 K plays

How To Play This Game:

Arrows to move # Space or Up arrow to jump # R to reset # P to pause the game #


Short description of the game from our Editors:

Explore the cosmos in Run 3, the latest installment of the dynamic endless runner series crafted by Joseph Cloutier. This HTML5-powered game offers a seamless playing experience, bidding farewell to the outdated Flash era. Take charge of a pint-sized extraterrestrial explorer and embark on a daring mission through the vastness of space directly from your PC, no strings attached.

Your task is clear-cut: run relentlessly and avoid the perils that await. Sidestep treacherous pitfalls, shifting tiles, and cunning traps as you progress through diverse levels. A unique twist awaits when you collide with walls, causing the screen to spin, adding an extra layer of challenge to your journey. In this heart-pounding adventure, you'll guide the resilient grey alien through ever-changing landscapes in a tightly controlled environment. Navigate strategically, utilizing any available surface to secure your path and strive to outlast the cosmic hurdles thrown your way. Immerse yourself in the captivating action and discover just how far your survival instincts can take you in the uncharted territories of Run 3. Play now and chart your course through the cosmos!

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