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Game is played with mouse.


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Welcome to Traffic Mania, the dynamic strategy game that puts you in the driver's seat of traffic control! As the mastermind behind rush hour logistics, your mission is to navigate the chaotic streets, ensuring a smooth commute for everyone. Picture this: bustling streets filled with commuters headed to work and parents on the school run. Your role? The unsung hero who keeps the flow steady and prevents vehicular chaos.

Take charge of a bustling junction armed with four sets of traffic lights, strategically preventing potential collisions and maintaining order amidst the mayhem. With five engaging levels to conquer, your goal is to expertly guide as many vehicles as possible to their destinations without a hitch, all while racking up an impressive high score.

As you progress, brace yourself for increasing challenges that will test your traffic-controlling prowess. It's a thrilling journey through the urban jungle where your strategic thinking and quick decision-making skills become the keys to success. Can you navigate the streets and emerge victorious? Get ready for the ultimate traffic management challenge – dive into Traffic Mania now and show the world you've got what it takes to keep the roads running smoothly!

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